Spring 2018 Registration

Spring 2018 registration is CLOSED FOR ALL LEVELS except Wiffleball and Challenger.


Select an option below to begin the registration process for the Palo Alto Little League Spring 2018 season.


  • RETURNING families - your login email & password (submit lost login request below if you've lost that information)
  • NEW FAMILIES - create a new account
  • ALL PLAYERS: need the have the following:
    • Medical doctor & insurance information handy
    • Payment online by PayPal/credit card or bank transfer
    • New documentation if residency changed from prior year (see below 3 docs required)
  • ONLY NEW players: documentation to be submitted

Copies of documentation to be submitted to:
P.O. Box 785
Palo Alto, CA 94302

OR or email pdfs to: registration@pabaseball.org

Proof of residency requirements (3 separate categories listed below): match address on registration with 3 documents in Palo Alto boundaries - if one child is already registered prior year, you will not need to submit these again unless change in residency:

  • Driver's license
  • Utility bill (cable, telephone, PA utilities) - only 1 of these in this category
  • Federal, state, or local records
  • School records
  • Welfare records
  • Support payment records
  • Voter registration
  • HOA or tenant property insurance records

Proof of date-of-birth: birth certificate or passport

PCL OR MAJORS - complete additional step to select a tryout time in January


All ages listed below are Little League ages. Skill evaluations are tryouts for players who do not default by Little League age to the level being considered.

Important Rule Change Affecting Little League Ages
In 2015, The National LL organization updated its age calculation for players born after April 30, 2006. After this date, the age cut-off date is August 31. The result is that player ages will increase for players born between May and August. Your player's default league will be determined using these ages.

If your child was born between:

Little League Age

September 1, 2012 & August 31, 2013:  


September 1, 2011 & August 31, 2012:  


September 1, 2010 & August 31, 2011:  


September 1, 2009 & August 31, 2010:  


September 1, 2008 & August 31, 2009:  


September 1, 2007 & August 31, 2008:  


September 1, 2006 & August 31, 2007:  


May 1, 2005 & August 31, 2006:  


May 1, 2004 & April 30, 2005:  


Registration Fees

Early-Bird Registration prior to January 1, 2018

The Spring 2018 registration fees are based on player ages:

Spring 2018 Registration Fees

Little League Age

Early-Bird Fee

Regular Fee

5 - 6


$250 (no increase)

7 - 9



10 - 13



Full and partial scholarships are available if need is firmly established.

See Eligibility Requirements page for age calculator and default league placement.

For more details on the leagues below, see Description of Playing Levels in the Parent Handbook.

Registration Highlights

-Your registration includes:

  • Hat & Uniform (depending on league)
  • 2018 Yearbook
  • Team picture
  • Weekly practices
  • Games

- 2018 Registration Fees. An early-bird discount is applied to registrations prior to January 1, 2018. Please see Registration Overview page for more information.

- Online registration is fast and convenient. A credit card or bank account MUST BE USED THIS SEASON to submit registration fees securely via PayPal or PayWithMyBank. Mail-in and drop-off payment ARE NOT PERMITTED.

- To complete registration with a Scholarship Promotion, contact registration@pabaseball.org to request a scholarship. All registrations will be charged the regular registration fees unless a Scholarship Promotion is generated PRIOR to you starting registration.

- The Volunteer Buyout fee has increased to $125. PALL is a volunteer-enabled organization and encourages your participation.

- IMPORTANT: Majors & PCL (Minors) Tryouts – PARTICIPATION IN A SKILLS EVALUATION IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PCL AND MAJORS DIVISIONS. (Players who are age-appropriate or who have previously played in a league are evaluated for mandatory placement.) A link to schedule tryout appearances is provided upon completing your registration. After registering, you may also use your registration login at http://tryouts.pabaseball.org

- AAA (Kid Pitch) is the default league for 9 & 10-year-olds WITHOUT TRYOUT. Players who have previously played PCL or Majors will default to the higher league WITH MANDATORY TRYOUT.

- All 9 and 10-year-olds interested in playing Spring PCL are required to attend a MANDATORY TRYOUT. PCL Managers will be drafting players from MANDATORY TRYOUT results.

- 11-year-olds default to PCL with MANDATORY TRYOUT.

- 12-year-olds default to Majors. If your 12-year-old would like to play in PCL, indicate this preference in Step 2 of the online registration form. 12-year-olds intending to play in Majors are required to attend a MANDATORY TRYOUT before being drafted onto a team.

- Should my 12-year-old who played PCL last year play PCL or Majors this year? read this

- The 50/70 IM division is now accepting 12-year-olds. 12-year-olds must try out for 50/70 and MAY PLAY IN MAJORS AND 50/70 IN THE SAME SEASON. The number of teams will be limited due to field space for practices and games. Our teams will interlock with Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Mateo and Half Moon Bay. 50/70 selection and team placement is based on tryout for all ages. 12 and 13-year-olds are evaluated at a tryout TBD.

- Teammate Requests in T-Ball, Coach Pitch and AA must be specific and are NOT GUARANTEED. Teammate requests are subordinate to the practice of building teams according to the schools players attend. Reciprocal teammate requests made between two players are most strongly considered. INDICATE TEAMMATE REQUEST (First and Last name) IN THE TEAMMATE REQUEST FIELD ONLY (not comments field, etc.).

- Consider a donation to Palo Alto Little League. At the confirmation page of your registration, you will have the opportunity to specify an additional $ amount that will help us fund our programs. Thanks for your support.

- A Palo Alto Utilities account number is required. The City of Palo Alto is beginning to use this information in determining eligibility, field assignments and usage fees.

- Outstanding registration fees from the past year will be indicated. If you have an unpaid registration fee, you may register your child, but s/he will be waitlisted for this season until the prior fee(s) are reconciled. You may request a scholarship for fees.


- A note to parents of non-resident players attending school in Palo Alto: National Little League allows players attending school in Palo Alto to play in Palo Alto Little League. Players are also eligible to play in the Little Leagues where they reside. See this page for the details of submitting a waiver document for a child who is registered in a Palo Alto school.

- Please read the Policies and Guidelines for Registration, Fees and Refunds for information about participation and registration refunds.

- If you registered online last year, you should have received login information to access your account. If you haven't received login information because your e-mail address has changed, let us know and we'll send your login info to a different address. We have e-mailed account information to the primary and secondary addresses you provided. If you are having problems accessing your account or have questions, contact registration@pabaseball.org.

For Spring 2018 Eligibility Requirements, Fee information and Walk-in Registration Dates, see the Registration Overview page.

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