Fall 2017 Registration

Fall 2017 registration is closed. Registrations prior to September 1 will be waitlisted.


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Registration Guidelines

Be sure that the medical information on your registration record is up-to-date (doctor name, contact phone, medical policy carrier and medical policy number) for the player(s) registered.


2017 Little League Age

Early-Bird Fee

Regular Fee

8 - 11



Early-Bird Registration: through July 2
Register Early: Space is limited. Register early to assure placement on a fall team.

12- and 13-year-olds: Fall Ball IM sign-ups are charged early-bird fee until August 1.

After Fall Ball teams are filled, registrations will be placed on a no-guarantee waitlist. Capacity is limited and subject to the Fall Ball Agent's review. Contact the Fall Ball Player Agent for more information.

To complete registration with a Scholarship Promotion, contact registration@pabaseball.org to request a scholarship. All registrations will be charged the fees above unless a Scholarship Promotion is generated PRIOR to you starting registration.

Online registration is fast and convenient. A credit card or bank account MUST BE USED THIS SEASON to submit registration fees securely via PayPal or PayWithMyBank. Mail-in and drop-off payment ARE NOT PERMITTED.

  • What registered families say about Fall Ball
  • The PALL Fall Ball is a developmental program that provides youth from 9-12 years old an opportunity to play organized baseball during the fall season.
  • In Fall 2017 PALL will operate three Fall Ball leagues:
    • JUST ANNOUNCED: Intermediate (IM) Division is for players of 2017 Little League age 12 or 13 yr., who have played Majors for at least one year. This division plays on a larger field (50' pitching, 70' bases) with more innings and the 12 and 13 yr. players learn senior level rules such as leading off, stealing, balks, etc. Some local travel and Sundays may be required.
    • Little League (LL) Division is for players of 2017 Little League age 9, 10, 11 or 12 who have played Majors or at least one year of PCL and will be trying out for the Majors level next year (Spring of 2018) Note: Majors aging out in Spring 2017 are still eligible to play LL. This league plays by current Majors rules, continuous batting order, and equal playing time. Season usually ends with the Great Pumpkin Tournament, weather and schedule permitting.
    • Little League B (LLB) Division is for players of 2017 Little League age 8, 9, or 10 who played at the PCL or have had 2 yrs of AA and/or AAA level and are likely to play at the PCL level next year. This league will use current PCL rules, continuous batting order, and equal playing time.
    • Placement subject to FB Agent evaluation. Space is limited. Previous seasons have been run at full capacity. Returning Majors are first to be placed on teams (when registered on time) and PCL 11 year olds (2018 LL 12's and trying out for Majors in the Spring) are given priority pending a safety evaluation.

  • Note: Fall Ball placement does not imply nor indicate next Spring’s placement.
  • Upon email request, evaluations can be arranged to be placed outside of the default constraints described above. You will remain in your default division until an evaluation is completed by the Fall Ball agent.
  • The goal is to provide a fun experience for the players, help them develop and refine their baseball skills, and to encourage their enjoyment for the game.
  • Players will be accepted into the league based on their registration date and evaluation. After teams are filled, a wait list will be generated.
    Space is limited. There are no assurances of enrollment once capacity is full.
  • Players deemed ineligible for the fall program will be notified. Any registration fee submitted will be refunded.
  • Fall Ball registration is only online and for players that were registered in the Spring. You should have received login information to access your online account. If you haven't received login information because your e-mail address has changed, let us know and we'll send your login info to a different address. If you are having problems accessing your account or have questions, contact onlineregistration@pabaseball.org.

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What registered families say about Fall Ball:

"We signed up for Fall Ball because it's an excellent way for my kid to continue developing his skills in a relatively relaxed and certainly fun environment with great coaches. It allows him to work on the weaknesses identified during the regular season and to improve on the strengths. Beside, my kid loves it! It's fun!"
- Jimmy H.

"Fall Ball was a fantastic experience for our son last year. Fall Ball allows machine pitch players to start pitching and hitting against pitchers. There is a nice, relaxed community feel to Fall Ball and players have a lot of fun while improving their skills. Fewer teams as compared to the spring season means kids get to play more often at PALL's Middlefield Ballpark."
- Darryl R.

"Last year I played Fall Ball for the first time. I did Fall Ball because I wanted to try PCL and Fall Ball was a good introduction to the PCL concepts and rules. I also didn't want to wait until Spring to play baseball again! I'm doing Fall Ball again this year because I know how fun it is."
- Eric, age 10

"If your kid loves baseball, Fall Ball is about as fun as it gets. It's low key - the coaches understand that there's a lot going on, even soccer - but it's also serious baseball. Fall Ball attracts kids and families who are in it for the fun and love of the game."
- Howard L.